Superior Site Speed Monitoring

MachMetrics continually monitors the speed of your website

So you know exactly how your pages are performing
- throughout the day
- around the world
- on various devices

Analyze and optimize your website speed

Make your webpages fast. On all devices. Around the world.

Automated Speed Tests

Daily scheduled tests ensure you're always monitoring performance

Powerful Options

Analyze from desktop + mobile. International locations. Custom scripting for advanced scenarios

Trusted by Experts

Speed consultants worldwide trust us with their webperf needs

Fast & Easy

Setup in seconds. No code to install. Free to premium plans.

Easily spot trends

Recurring speed tests allow you to see exactly how your pages are performing over time.

See a jump in render time? Pinpoint it to yesterday's mobile update.

Spike in server response? Determine that caching layer isn't acting how you expected.

website speed trends

Powerful speed testing

Multiple devices, caching types, 7 worldwide regions. And with custom scripts to model cookies, multiple-page visits, and access protected areas - your abilities are endless.

  • Desktop vs. Mobile
  • First view vs. Repeat view
  • US East, US West, Europe-West, Europe-Central, India, Australia, Japan
site speed test options

Automatic email reports

Weekly (or monthly) summary reports ensure you're aware of your performance stats without ever needing to login.

Add multiple users to ensure everyone on your team is paying attention to your site speed.

speed reports emailed

Drill down to precise metrics

Access to all raw data ensure you can diagnose and fix any speed issue identified.

Analyze every request from the connection through to the response headers.

Are your slow issues DNS related? A CSS or JavaScript bug? CDN acting up?

detailed speed data

Advanced multi-step testing

Through the power of WebPageTest Scripting you can test advanced scenarios such as:

  • Authenticated pages behind a login
  • Multi-step checkout funnel
  • Ads (or any 3rd party content) disabled
multi-step funnel testing

Totally FREE. Upgrade only if needed.

All plans start on our FREE FOREVER plan - 4 daily tests

$0 /Month

Free Plan

  • 4 Daily Tests
  • Multiple Regions

$19 /Month

Starter Plan

  • 60 Daily Tests
  • Multiple Regions
  • 5 Users
  • Alerts

$49 /Month

Professional Plan

  • 180 Daily Tests
  • Multiple Regions
  • 10 Users
  • Alerts
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Custom Scripting
  • API Access

$129 /Month

Enterprise Plan

  • 540 Daily Tests
  • Multiple Regions
  • 15+ Users
  • Alerts
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Custom Scripting
  • API Access
  • Whitelabeling

2 urls x 3 regions x 2 devices x 1 per day = 12 daily tests

MachMetrics is free for open source projects and non-profits. Learn more.

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Will this make my site faster?

Not directly, we just record stats for you. But we agree with the famous quote "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." So indirectly - yes - measuring your site speed on a recurring basis is the first step in making it faster.

Why is my site so slow?

Because your site is just like everyone else's - bloated. The average site as of 2019 is 2.5 MB - yes, that's huge. Advancements in tech make it easy to get a website running in minutes, but that doesn't mean it's the most efficient for your visitors.

Can I hire you to speed up my site?

We're too busy making these speed tests awesome for you. But we have partnered with several site speed consultants that we're happy to refer you to: Recommended Speed Consultants.

How are you different from Pingdom, GtMetrix, or SpeedCurve?

All are solid services, and you'd be in good hands if you ended up with any of them. There are a few things that separate us, though: MachMetrics gives you more testing options than Pingdom, better automation than GtMetrix, and more payment flexibility than SpeedCurve.

Nobody likes a slow website

Stop giving your visitors a reason to leave

Your site is constantly changing

Even static sites (without frequently updated content) are dependent on 3rd party tracking scripts, resources on external CDNs, and connections that fluctuate often. Be aware of outside influences.

Know your true performance

Stop guessing how every adjustment is affecting your speed, and ensure an "improvement" really is that. Track the effect of your optimizations and know you have the fastest possible website.

Powered by WebPageTest engine

MachMetrics runs your speed tests via a private instance of WebPageTest, on premium servers. This professional setup ensures your speed data is more accurate than the donated servers running the public

MachMetrics report tour

Fact: 50% of people expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds.

Your site's load time could be the difference between keeping visitors on your site or losing them to a competitor.

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